Cancelled: Combining Practice and Creativity

Cancelled: Combining Practice and Creativity
Fr, 30. Okt 2020 15:00 bis 16:30
Live Online Workshop

Dozent: Cyrille Oswald
Sprache: English

Kosten: 30,00€

The fine line between inspiration and preparation

Improvisation could be described as a balancing act between preparation and inspiration. Playing too much prepared material will make a solo sound exactly like that: „prepared“. There is no oxygen, no space for the „breath of life“. Too much inspiration without enough preparation will make it impossible to execute your solo properly, even though the ideas might be great.

This workshop aims at improving your improvisation skills by striking the balance between preparation and inspiration, or in other words, between practice and creativity.

PART 1: Keeping your Practicing Inspiring

Your preparation can and should be inspiring in and of itself. We will look at ways to keep your practice time energizing and fresh.

PART 2: Preparing to be Inspired

Being creative can be practiced. We will explore creative principles which can be applied in any situation.

PART 3: Being There

Applying part 1 and 2 to find yourself at the sweet spot between your abilities and your creativity.

Target group

This workshop is for any musicians who want to improvise while bringing out their creativity and want to grow their skills through practising. You have been regularly practicing and playing an instrument for at least 2 years.

Questions can be asked on the chat during the workshop.

Cyrille Oswald

Cyrille Oswald started playing professionally in 1994 when living in the Caribbean. Upon returning to the Netherlands, he formed a Latin ensemble and studied at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, where he graduated in 2001. The same year he started his first modern jazz quartet called Amalgam with which he recorded an album, performed original compositions and became a finalist at the yearly North Sea Jazz festival competition for new emerging jazz bands.

During the 00‘s he recorded an album with originals together with Danish guitarist Mikkel Ploug. In 2007, Cyrille Oswald set up a new trio and quartet with Stefan Lievestro on acoustic bass, Jeroen van Vliet on piano and Erik Kooger on drums. They also recorded the CD Nerve with original compositions by Cyrille, which was acclaimed both by the public and the press (5 stars in JAZZ magazine).

In the Netherlands, he is a member of one of the most prestigious orchestras of today, the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra. His first recording in the Czech Republic The Wrong Present was under the Animal Music label in 2010 with his quartet formed by himself, David Dorůžka on guitar, Tomáš Liška on bass and Dano Šoltis on drums, again with all compositions by Cyrille. Since then he has founded the band Cirilic together with guitarist Kirill Jakovlev. Recently he has produced an album with songs from the Andes, on which he sings and plays different flutes, together with guitarist Petr Zelenka. Furthermore, he is a member of bluesman Rene Trossman’s band and of Hammond organist Jan Kořínek’s Soultet.

Cyrille is teaching saxophone at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, CZ and at several other schools and workshops, including the Czech Jazz Workshop.

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