the idea

At music-workshops.net we want simplify education and inspiration for musicians. There are so many great teachers, workshops, masterclasses and a vast variety of resources you don’t know of: Our goal is that every musician easily finds the inspiration that helps him or her take the next step right now.

the story

Gosia was desperately searching for a singing teacher who was able to teach a certain singing technique. It was impossible… And so the idea was born to create a website that listed possibilities to learn specific things. Corvid-19 and the lockdown changed the concept: Suddenly online lessons were needed and many musicians offered teaching lessons because they didn’t have gigs any more. A great opportunity to get a lesson from your hero who usually is on the road!
We were also hoping to provide musicians with a possibility of jobs during the fierce situation.

the people

Andreas Lechner

An enthusiastic amateur saxophone player and in his day job IT specialist, Andreas has lots of fun to try out new ideas, create new solutions and learn new tools. He is the technical expert of music-workshops.net and does the website.

Gosia Cieplucha

Gosia is an English teacher, student of music, piano player, jazz singer and always looking for inspiring examples. She takes the view of a musician using the website to take the next step.