Jerry Bergonzi: Bebop Scale – Workshop und Zertifikat


$131,99 für Kurs und Zertifikat

Length: Varies depending on student’s ability
Description: Jerry Bergonzi is a world-renowned saxophonist, performer, composer, author, and educator.  Jerry’s highly popular series, „Bebop Scale Concepts“ has been purchased, studied and embraced by countless students and educators from around the globe.  Due to student demand, we are now offering a special micro-credential validation for this course.
„Bebop Scale Concepts“ Description: In this 2-part bebop scales lesson series, legendary saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi breaks down his exciting approach to improvisation using bebop scales. With the accompaniment of Andy LaVerne, Jerry goes beyond the simple understanding of bebop scales as he breaks down his system of using these scales effectively in your solos. If you want to take your improvisations to fresh and interesting places, this bebop scale masterclass series is for you.
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